First FO Friday in February!

I’m not sure the feeling of accomplishment from a potential FO Friday post will ever go away, I love it!

First up, I finished and blocked my Felici socks….


While I’ve heard great things about this yarn, it is super soft but I’m not impressed with the dye job. I know self-striping is it’s own art, but I expected it to be more uniform from a commercial dyer such as Knit Picks. Oh well. The colorway is Baker Street, and I may or may not have bought it because I am SHERlocked 😉

My second FO is the Abundant Cowl I started this week, it was such a quick and satisfying knit! I had no idea what I would make with the Manos Maxima when I picked it up, because I find a project I want to do THEN find the yarn. I’m working on building my yarn stash though, and I’m thinking I will be buying yarn whenever I see some I reallllllllly like because I like having it already on hand!

Lots of satisfaction and distraction for this crazy time in my life!

Let me see your FOs!!




5 thoughts on “First FO Friday in February!

  1. Heather says:

    With the Felici did you mean how the stripes didn’t line up from skein to skein? Because I noticed that with the Felici I have as well, which really wreaks havoc on my left brain. I do love the feel of the yarn and how it knits up though.


    • Fuzzy Cactus Yarn says:

      Yes and no, there was a random thin stripe in the middle of one of the skeins so it threw it off even more, and then the light gray on the one was all super muddled looking :/ I’m not sure how I feel about it being more than one skein!


      • Heather says:

        Oh that’s no good. I’ve used a couple different colorways (rainbow and glacier) and having had those issue thankfully. That is really disappointing.


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