WIP Wednesday and General Life Update!

Well, here we are almost half way through February. How did that happen?! I wish the Navy moved that fast (ha.), we are STILL waiting on the final paperwork for Husband’s separation. But good news is that his new boss is an ex Marine and is understanding of all the hoops he has to jump through, and we are using the new company to pay for our move at the end of the month! We will be in our house, finally, after almost 2 months since closing, in just a few weeks! To say I’m overwhelmed at the moment is an understatement and I’m having a hard time processing all the feels. There’s still a lot of coordinating and potentially money on the line, I’m just super done with this whole process.

To try and quiet my mind and nerves, I picked up my Cozy Memories Blanket again this week and added 3 squares in a sitting! I’m up to 20 squares total, and I still feel like my squares are small compared to some others that I’ve seen but oh well. They are 32 stitches cast on, so not sure why they seem small.


top right 3 are the newest additions!

I was on Ravelry on Monday and came across this cowl pattern that stuck out at me, the Abundant Cowl, and lo and behold I actually had the perfect yarn and free needles for it! This is my first time working with Manos Maxima, I had picked it up a few weeks ago at our LYS sale. I’m not sure if it’s just sticky or if it had been manhandled on the shelf, but it was so stuck together it made winding a PIA. But now that I’m trucking along it’s gliding on the needles and I love how it feels, I can’t wait to wear it!

IMG_4518.jpgI also thought I should maybe try to knit something for Baby #4, but when I attempted to cast on socks I was too tired and messed them up, and haven’t gotten up the guts to try again haha. Such is life. I’m still at a loss for what to make for him, I still have a good handful of blankets and it’ll be hot in Arizona sooooo suggestions?? haha

Whatcha working on??



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