Knitting Goals for 2016 (better late than never!)

Everyone has resolutions, but knitters get to do something fun, we get to plan and plot and buy yarn! I’ve been meaning to write my list but life has gotten in the way, at least this week it has been all good things!

  • I had originally planned on making myself a sweater, preferably cardigan in 2016. But, with having a baby in May, I am already surrendering to
  1. Limited time I will have to actually concentrate on a more complex pattern or work
  2. I won’t feel like myself or be back to a normal size for awhile.
  3. Living in Arizona for the foreseeable future
  • So, a cardigan may be in the books for 2017.
  • I am seeing socks, hats, and shawls for 2016. Smaller projects, varying skill levels, quicker finishing time, plus less bulk on me/baby in Arizona heat haha.
  • I have a shawl pattern written up, and I have an idea for a hat but I need to actually write it down. I’m hoping to release both in the first half of the year!
  • Baby knits, because I knit for everyone else’s baby I should probably knit for my own! With a May baby though, I’m thinking I want to do socks and maybe a light blanket (does such a thing exist?) for him. We’ll see.
  • Possibly become a certified instructor via CYC

What are your knitting goals for 2016? More or less than 2015? Different? I love the forward momentum I feel from knitting, like every project I finish I now have the knowledge and experience to do more.



2 thoughts on “Knitting Goals for 2016 (better late than never!)

  1. Jules Rincon says:

    Ahhh. Sweater knitting goals for those of us who live in hot states … I pretend that wearing them once a year is enough. However, have you considered the mama vertebrae cardigan? Hot weather means AC at full blast in summer, so an open cardigan might fit the bill for friendly flexible sizing for changing body shape, and also for a knit for you!

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