I’m Back!

It’s been a few months since my last post, I wasn’t quite in the tail end of my morning sickness. Since then things have been crazy, and I’ve slipped into the chaos. Husband finally submitted his disability package mid-October, and we are still waiting for an answer. He accepted his dream job and we are currently in contract on our dream house, now all we have to do is pray to every God, Saint and Voodoo god that the Navy doesn’t screw us over!

Last week we found out that Baby Ross #4 is a ….Boy!!! So excited for that!

And in the midst of all this crazy, there has been lots of knitting. Because up until a few days ago when my mojo left, it was the only thing keeping me sane.


Mitten Ornaments!

I made about 10 of these mitten ornaments, originally a Red Heart pattern but I had to change it up.


Age of Brass and Steam, in Northbound Knitting Gothic


Age of Brass and Steam, in Northbound Knitting Velvet Underground

My favorite online yarn store, Eat. Sleep. Knit. had a sale on some Northbound Knitting in October? (I think? These last 4 months have been a haze haha) so I scooped up some Merino Cashmere DK and made my mother and Husband’s mom Age of Brass and Steam shawls! They turned out so well I wanted to keep them both for myself. Also if you have not purchase from ESK, I highly recommend doing so. They have a great selection and you get a scratcher with every purchase, so far I’m up to $20 in store credit!

My life has basically revolved around Christmas knitting the last few months (Minus a Doodler I’m currently stalled on), and this little mermaid tail is going to JP! IMG_4070.JPG

I’m making one for the oldest, but I’m not currently in the mood to talk about how much I hate it haha.


Ho Ho Ho!

And finally, some Vanilla Christmas socks for myself. Because I can.

I decided to resolve to recommit myself to blogging, because I do really love it! I’m not waiting until 2016 though 😉  Cheers, friends!


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